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Mask Covid-19
4 Masks Filtering Fabric Maska Ivoire


Maison Jean-Vier manufactures protective masks against the Covid19 virus. This pack contains 4 masks which have been evaluated category 1 by DGA and are intended for the general public.

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Maison Jean-Vier store - Free
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Home delivery, outside European Union DHL 30 €
Pour des raisons sanitaires évidentes, les conditions générales de vente habituelles ne s'appliquent pas sur les masques de protection. Les masques ne sont ni repris, ni échangés. Merci de votre compréhension.

This pack contains

Delivery from 01/06/2020

Pack of 4 Masks of Category 1 "UNS 1" General Public, evaluated by DGA.

Filtration of particles of 3 micrometers >90%.

Materials: the outer face is made of 100% polyester and acrylic binder and the inner face is made of polyester and polyamide (microsplit).

This mask has undergone numerous tests to be as protective as possible: a test when worn for 4 hours, which is the maximum duration of wear, another test of the level of filtration efficiency of 3 micrometre particles and a test to assess breathability. 

This mask has no vertical sagittal stitching at the mouth and nose to prevent infiltration. On the contrary, it is designed to cover this part of the face as much as possible, so this mask is a very protective "three ply".

Advice on the use of masks against COVID19:

Here are the steps to follow to use your mask correctly:

1. Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with soap and water, or a hydro-alcoholic solution.

2. Apply the mask so that it covers the nose and mouth and make sure it fits snugly over the face, nose and cheeks. Check for air in the eyes when exhaling strongly.

3. Do not touch the mask while wearing it and try not to move it. Do not touch the front of the mask, which is the area that receives any particles.

4. 4. Each time you touch a used mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

Important reminder: the mask wear time is limited to a maximum of 4 hours.

Store your mask in a dry, clean place, away from light.

Maintenance conditions for COVID masks19 :

These masks are reusable and washable 10 times.

Machine wash at 60° with a product adapted to the fabric and whose cycle will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

After use, the mask must imperatively be isolated to be thrown away or washed. It is advisable to insulate the mask in a plastic bag to be thrown away after use or in a reusable bag to be washed. In a reusable bag, the mask and bag should be washed together.

- Lavage 60 degres
- Nettoyage a sec interdit
- Repassage 1 point
- Blanchiment interdit
- Seche linge 1 point


Notice d'utilisation Masque

Téléchargez et imprimez la notice d’utilisation accompagnant la mise sur le marché des Masques à Usages Non Sanitaires catégorie 1 suivant la note d’information interministérielle du 29 mars 2020

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  • Reference : PACK4MASKA
  • Collection : Filtering Fabric Maska
  • Color : Ivoire
  • Composition : 70% Polyester 30% Elasthanne
  • Shape : 4 Masks

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