Quality basque Dishware

Discover the top of the range Basque tableware from Jean-Vier. A multitude of choices of graphics and materials to decorate your table and serve your guests with elegance.

Discover the world of Maison Jean-Vier dishware, with a range of sets made from porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. Mix and match the essential elements of the Maison Jean-Vier dishware sets: plates, platters, salad bowls, bowls, mugs, cups and much more. Whether it’s a breakfast with your partner, a snack with the kids or dinner with friends, Maison Jean-Vier dishware is perfect for any time of day and any occasion. From traditional Basque dishware to more modern versions, from understated tones to warmer colours, from simple motifs to bold patterns, Maison Jean-Vier has dishware designs for everyone. Design trend: for an elegant, simple finish, opt for porcelain dishware; for a more authentic atmosphere, choose stoneware; or for a more modern, practical look, go for earthenware. For the perfect table decoration, combine Maison Jean-Vier dishware with our Basque table linen.