The team at Jean-Vier puts quality control at the very heart of its production for your entire satisfaction. Our quality control measures have to answer to extremely precise standards during all stage of production: from the choice of the thread of the fibers, up until the finishing touches.


Jean-Viers woven fabric uses fibers that are 100% natural and with a renowned quality of thread. Our fibers are imported from countries that are recognized as having exceptional cotton producing qualities. Fine long and resistant fibers that go to create a resistant fabric, soft and silky to the touch.


Carefully selected fibers are essential in obtaining a superior quality fabric. The thread that is used for the majority of Jean Vier products comes from specially combed fibers, a technique that removes up to 20 % of any impurities whilst preserving the best fibers, therefore guaranteeing a very high quality fabric.


All of Jean Vier’s collections are sanforized, a technique that leaves the material less fragile in the wash, especially in as much as shrinkage and fading are concerned. In this fashion, shrinkage is no longer a major concern.



The Lotus leaf is a symbol of purity in a number of cultures. Being water resistant, the leaf pushes the water away in pearls that take away stains and dirt. Microscopic particles are at the root of this natural self-cleaning process.

This has inspired an innovatory technology that clearly improves the quality and usefulness of our coated cloths.

How does it work?

Micro-particles, when applied, attach themselves in an intelligent way to the surface of the material: the ultra-thin transparent layer becomes a homogenous surface and in this way creates a long lasting covering. Liquid substances no longer stick to (or imbibe) the treated surfaces. This treatment is applied at the finishing stage of production of the fabric and that helps make it of superior quality. This technique guarantees a simple and economic cleaning of your decorative home textiles. The fibers that make up the fabric are stronger and easier to iron. The heat obtained during ironing reactivates the treatment of the cloth therefore prolonging the life of your table linen. We strongly recommend that the care instructions are followed as closely as possible

Our coated fabrics offer:

- Easy cleaning
- Limited shrinkage
- A silky and comfortable feel
- A neat finish in every detail

The large majority of Jean Vier tablecloths are 180 cm across, which is an advantage when it comes to covering large tables.

A large proportion of Jean Vier table fabric is mercerized, a touch that gives a permanent shiny, silky look which, at the same time, strengthens the cloth.



High quality bathroom toweling, 100% cotton sourced from countries reputed for their cotton production. Outstanding cotton fibers, renowned for the softness, strength and highly absorptive properties.


The weight per square meter is an essential element when it comes to evaluating toweling quality. The higher the weight per square meter, the higher the quality. Our sponge fabric has a weight to surface ratio of up to 600gr / m².

And as for the quality of the thread, we use a wound thread instead of a simple one. The particularity of this process being that the thread obtained is thicker, stronger and more resistant, hence making Jean Vier toweling a symbol of quality.

We are in measure to provide our customers with a large range of bath towels with stunning colors that remain bright, even after many wash cycles. The characteristics of out bath towels are :

- A 100 % cotton weave
- Long and soft toweling loops
- Long lasting colors
- Extremely absorbent
- Wear and tear resistant.

Jean Vier beach towels are distinguished by:

- The style, with, on one side a velvety surface and on the other terrycloth.
- Precision of the patterning.
- An exceptional quality of the cotton.
-Large sizes that give you an exceptional degree of comfort.
- A large range of lively colors which really last.
- A high density weave
- Highly absorbent
- Exceptional softness and strength.

Jean Vier toweling sponge associates comfort, softness and refinement whilst guaranteeing a long life for your towels.


Designer, tastefully colored tea cloths and kitchen towels. Articles, that are as decorative as they’re useful. Designs with a perfect finish. A denser weave makes the designs even more precise. We select the best fibers so as to produce the threads that are a guarantee of pliability and refinement giving a more pleasant feel to the touch.

Thanks to well mastered colorfastness and a lively palette of colors associated with our rich and intricate motifs, your tea towels will be that much more pleasing to the eye.
With the anti-shrinkage treatment, our new collection of teacloths and kitchen towels, guarantees our customers an extended kitchen linen lifespan. We pledge to provide our customers with a thoroughly tested, neatly presented, well finished product of the highest quality.

You are our primary concern! Because protection of the environment and health issues are of a major concern to us, we are committed to bringing you products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

For all of our products, Jean Vier ensures the absence of any substances that could in any way pose a danger to the health. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, symbol of textile confidence is the first textile product label that responds to consumer expectations in terms of human ecology. 100% of Jean Vier’s fabrics are guaranteed by this international testing and certification accreditation of the textile industry, Oeko-Tex®.

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