Shower towel

Discover pleasure and relaxation with the shower sheet from Maison Jean-Vier. Let yourself be tempted by the finesse and design of this quality bath towel.

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Discover the world of bathroom luxury with Maison Jean-Vier and its collection of 100% cotton terry cloth bath towels. The bathroom is the oasis of tranquility within our homes, a dedicated space for cocooning, relaxation, and restoring our balance.

The Comfort of a Maison Jean-Vier Bath Towel

With a Maison Jean-Vier bath towel, you'll experience a sensation of softness and plushness as you step out of your bath or shower. Durable and of high quality, our bath towels can last for years. Tip: If you prefer towels that are soft and thick, always choose a weight of over 500 g/m².

What's the Difference Between a Bath Towel and a Bath Sheet?

The bath sheet is smaller in size, making it a perfect compromise between a bath towel, primarily used for drying hair, and a bath towel, typically designed for larger body sizes. The Maison Jean-Vier bath towel is always crafted from high-quality 100% cotton threads.

An Organic Cotton Bath Linen Range

Our range of organic cotton bath linen, named Grand Hôtel bio, is made from very high-quality GOTS-certified cotton threads, ensuring that no harmful substances are present and that manufacturing adheres to labor-friendly standards. Our Maison aims to offer durable bath linens that align with our values. Our linens are proudly made in Portugal, a country renowned for its weaving expertise, right here in Europe.