All home linen

Discover all our Basque household linen: a wide range of textile products to brighten up your home. Browse through the various categories of linen to find what you are looking for.


Jean-Vier presents its range of Basque household linen products, inspired by multiple creative influences. Our House wishes to offer top-of-the-range products, adapted to the interior of our customers and designed with various colours and graphics.

Household linen with a Basque character

The Basque character of our products is reflected in the craftsmanship, the fabric, the colours and the stripe pattern. However, our linens are also inspired by current trends and correspond to many inspiring atmospheres.

Easy-care linens

Our linens are easy to care for as most of the products are manufactured in Portugal to obtain specific textile treatments. Indeed, these textile treatments are respectful of nature and hygiene standards and they allow the fabrics to be anti-stain. This means that you can use your clothes without worrying about the clumsiness of everyday life. It can be washed in one go thanks to its invisible film which prevents stains from becoming embedded. You can also wash your linen very often in the washing machine at 60°: please consult our advice for care instructions.

High quality linens

Our linens are of the highest quality and are manufactured with a real attention to detail. Our products are all made in Europe with exceptional know-how and materials. We choose noble natural fibres which we sort before weaving. We then weave according to traditional methods linked to the Basque culture. We also respect the Oekotex hygiene standards for all our fabrics.