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Up to and including 9 November: -20% on all decorative linen and furniture. Discover our various pieces of furniture made in Portugal, with Basque design and upholstered in authentic fabrics.

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The Jean-Vier House presents you all its top-of-the-range furniture. Our House is in fact a publisher of fabrics that it transposes onto furniture with perfect finishes. This know-how gives life to furniture of various shapes, both design and authenticity, as it inherits the art of Basque weaving.

Basque patterned poufs

Discover our Basque patterned poufs woven in Jacquard. Our collection of poufs includes both mtoifs and Basque striped poufs. They are upholstered in high quality fabric with great craftsmanship. You will find several different sizes of footstools depending on your use and your wishes.

High quality coloured sofas

Jean-Vier sofas are made in Portugal and have exceptional finishing. Our sofas are made of cotton fabrics, sometimes velvet, and also have elegant piping to highlight their contours and beautiful shapes. They have a contemporary design and are upholstered for comfort.

Basque upholstered armchairs

Maison Jean-Vier armchairs are upholstered in our high quality Basque fabrics. They have armrests that are lower than the backrest to ensure comfort. Their legs are made of wood and are coloured in dark brown, which enhances the colour of the fabrics.

Furniture made in Europe

All our furniture is made in Europe in a workshop with which we have been working hand in hand for over ten years. Indeed, we manufacture in Portugal to carry out all the stages of manufacture in the same place whereas we would have to make many return trips if our production were located in France.

This workshop is located only 800 km from our headquarters and we reduce our carbon footprint. Our production is therefore more respectful of the environment and it guarantees us a high quality of products thanks to a know-how, weaving looms and very powerful textile tools.