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Discover our top-of-the-range table linen, very delicate to decorate your dinners and festive meals. Our House manufactures quality and durable table linen: find our wide choice of tablecloths, table runners, placemats, waxed cloths, coated tablecloths and napkins.

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The Basque-inspired table linen offered by Jean-Vier will allow you to offer a touch of authenticity and modernity to your interior.

Top of the range quality table linen

The different ranges of table linen from Jean-Vier are made only with natural fibres: 100% cotton, linen or linen blend.

Jean-Vier tablecloths are available in shades of white and sometimes very intense colours. These different atmospheres and styles will allow you to find all the authenticity and beauty of the Basque Country on your table. All the table linen products made by Maison Jean-Vier give a subtle Basque identity to your home thanks to its natural materials.

How to care for your table linen?

The care of your table linen will differ depending on the natural material used to make it. For tablecloths made of cotton or cotton blend with a water-repellent treatment that prevents stains from being absorbed, you should avoid machine washing at too high a temperature and keep the temperature at 40° with a small amount of detergent. Always avoid packing the clothes in the machine and use a gentle spin cycle. Always iron on the reverse side of the fabric, which will regenerate the water-repellent treatment of the fabric.

In short, Maison Jean-Vier makes your life easier thanks to its exclusive water-repellent tablecloth treatment that allows you to quickly wipe away everyday disasters. All these treatments and all our fabrics are Oeko-tex certified, without harmful products and respectful of nature.

The manufacture of our table linen

Our products are manufactured in Europe, in Portugal, in a supplier workshop with which we have had a close relationship for over 10 years. These treatments can currently only be carried out outside France. However, they allow your products to be more durable over time and this manufacturing method allows us to reduce the carbon footprint because we carry out all the manufacturing stages within a perimeter of 800 km. Thus, our approach is the fairest for the respect of the environment and to offer the highest quality of linen to our customers.