Flat pouch

Discover our Basque flat pockets, small fabric cases with beautiful finishes to store your accessories.

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Among the luggage, discover our practical and elegant Maison Jean-Vier flat pouches.

Our flat pockets in Basque style

Our flat pouches illustrate the Basque atmosphere and landscapes. Whether they are striped or patterned, they are all made of Jacquard weaving. Their fabric is very high quality and carefully made so that the finishing touches are perfect. These little pouches are therefore very useful cases for our cosmetics and all sorts of accessories.

A very practical flat coated pouch

Small in size, they can hold precious objects, papers and personal belongings in complete discretion. They will follow you everywhere during your outings in town or at the beach. A trendy accessory, the flat pouch made of Jacquard makes an impact and adds a decorative touch to your bathroom or outfit. Worn or nicely laid out, it is sublime! Protected by a coating, there is no risk of staining the inside and it is easy to use.