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Discover our latest summer novelties, full of colour and pizzazz, to decorate your home and match your cocoon to the mood of the season.

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Discover our new collections: rich in colours and delicate materials to sublimate your decoration. Cushion covers, curtains, tablecloths, table runners... All our novelties are created to match the trend and to offer a decoration with character.

Basque household linen for every season

Our household linen is steeped in our Basque culture. However, our company likes to reflect this identity by following current trends and adapting to our customers' tastes. We want to innovate and present a modern image of the Basque Country, with all the changes that belong to it. Thus, the tradition of weaving and the techniques of yesteryear are preserved to give shape to a different, colourful and contemporary linen. Our House does not limit itself to the legendary stripes but also manufactures fabrics with complex and joyful patterns woven in Jacquard.

Jean-Vier offers quality curtains, tablecloths, beach accessories and bath linens for all seasons: find the colours of summer and the atmosphere of the Atlantic. The freshness of your linen will remind you of the ocean breeze and all its vitality. Our Basque graphics are also sumptuous for decorating your home during autumn and winter: geometric patterns and warm colours will bring charm to your home.

High quality linen

Maison Jean-Vier offers new collections that always respect the same manufacturing and quality control steps. Unlike other textile companies, our linen is washed before being marketed in order to avoid all the thread residues from the loom which are not hygienic. We take care to check our linen several times to ensure a perfect finish.

Our linens and each new collection are treated to be durable: treatments that respect nature and our bodies are applied so that our new products are stain-resistant, easy to care for and resistant to wear.

Responsible production

Our novelties and the majority of our collections are manufactured in Portugal in a workshop with which we have been working for more than 10 years in a close and friendly way. Our production and design team travels frequently: our decorative products are made in Europe using old-fashioned techniques, but with high performance and durable treatments that are not available in the Basque Country. 

Our workshop is only 800 km away from our head office in order to allow an easy exchange and especially to reduce the polluting round trips. All the manufacturing stages are therefore in the same place: we therefore considerably reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions compared to French manufacturing, which requires manufacturing stages scattered throughout the country.