Beach textiles

Discover the Maison Jean-Vier collection of beach accessories, with our line of velour terry beach towels and 100% cotton foutas. When tanning by the poolside or lazing on the sand this summer, don’t forget your beach towel. From striped patterns to modern motifs with plenty of Basque flare, warm shades to cooler tones, the Maison Jean-Vier range of beach towels has something for everyone. Our beach towels strike the perfect balance between softness and absorption. Treat your skin by wrapping up in one of our 100% cotton beach towels when you step out of the water. A Maison Jean-Vier tip: to maintain the quality of your beach towel, wash it with cold water after each use. Meanwhile, if you opt for our Maison Jean-Vier foutas, you will discover the elegance of the jacquard finish. A host of colours and stylish motifs are inspired by the Art Deco movement, which was particularly popular in the Basque Country. The softness of our foutas makes them a must-have accessory to take everywhere this summer. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and sophistication with the Maison Jean-Vier beach accessories.