Coated tablecloth

Experience a coated tablecloth that combines quality and Basque design. Discover a unique choice of stain-resistant and practical coated cotton tablecloths among our high quality table linen.

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Discover the world of Jean-Vier table linen with its high quality "coated tablecloth" collection.

Jean-Vier's high quality coated cotton tablecloths

A coated tablecloth is made from a woven fabric on which a thin acrylic-based waterproofing layer is applied to make the tablecloth resistant to stains. This process is called coating. It is different from waxed cloth, which is a printed cloth that is then waxed with a thick layer and not woven.

Jean-Vier's top-of-the-range coated tablecloths are created in France, in the Basque Country. However, they are manufactured in Portugal, in a partner workshop with which we have been working for over ten years. The coated tablecloths are made of quality fabrics, 100% coated cotton, Oeko-tex certified.

The coated tablecloth is practical but it can also be trendy

The coated tablecloth from Maison jean-Vier represents the best compromise between the fabric tablecloth and the waxed canvas. Indeed, the coated tablecloth has the soft and elegant appearance of the fabric tablecloth while having the specificities of the waxed tablecloth. The coated tablecloth is waterproof, shockproof and stainproof. With the rectangular coated tablecloths in our selection, you have a high-quality tablecloth that is easy to use on a daily basis, whether indoors or outdoors.

Choose your model, patterns, colours and sizes and we will make your custom-made coated cotton tablecloth for you. Indeed, by calling our customer service, we can meet all your needs and manufacture round, oval or rectangular coated tablecloths.

Decorative trends for your table: on your coated fabric, dare to use stripes to bring joy, punch and relief to your decoration and prefer more sparkling, flashy and bright colours for your garden tables. Opt for coated Basque tablecloths from Jean-Vier.

The coated tablecloth is a real alternative to waxed cloth, which is much less upmarket. 

A colourful coated tablecloth

Today at Maison Jean-Vier, we offer trendy coated cotton tablecloths that are easy to clean. All our coated cotton tablecloths have been developed with an eye for detail to offer you very design and graphic products thanks to their stripes and contemporary colours. A wide range of colours is available for this table linen: you will find colour harmonies in the form of stripes or patterns. 

Our stain-resistant tablecloths are coloured: they are all made with pre-dyed yarns that are then woven together to form beautiful stripes mixed with coloured backgrounds in a harmonious way. The Basque stripes of our coated tablecloths reflect the colours of our environment with elegance. Our Basque identity is illustrated through the choice of colours and the way they are combined. Like our seascapes or our countryside, the shades blend together to create a real picture.

Maintenance of our coated tablecloths

High quality coated tablecloths can be machine washed at low temperatures below 30 degrees. Dry cleaning of coated tablecloths is not allowed in order to avoid localized colour fading. Ironing can be done with 3 points, carefully checking the reaction of the fabric. Bleaching is forbidden and drying can be done in a tumble dryer but the tumble dryer is totally forbidden. 

With our coated tablecloths from Maison Jean-Vier, your daily life will be more pleasant at mealtime: thanks to its waterproof coated fabric, your tablecloth will be washed in one swipe of the sponge when you act immediately on the liquid, before it soaks into the fibres.

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