Coated tablecloth

Explore the world of table linen by Maison Jean-Vier with its high-quality collection of coated tablecloths. A COATED TABLECLOTH WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER The Maison Jean-Vier coated tablecloth is the perfect compromise between a fabric and an oilcloth tablecloth. Coated tablecloths have the supple, chic look of a fabric tablecloth and the properties of oilcloth. Coated tablecloths are waterproof, shock absorbing and stain resistant. With our collection of coated tablecloths, you will have high-quality, easy-to-use table linen to enjoy every day, inside or outside. COATED TABLECLOTHS: BOTH PRACTICAL AND ON TREND Here at Maison Jean-Vier, we have coated tablecloths that follow the latest trends while remaining easy to maintain. All our coated cotton tablecloths are designed meticulously, so that the final product is bold and chic, thanks to its stripes and contemporary colours. Choose your style, colours and size and we will make a customised coated cotton tablecloth for you. Design trend: For your coated tablecloth, try stripes to bring some joy, punch and texture to your décor. When decorating your garden table try more flashy, bright, lively colours. Opt for Maison Jean-Vier’s made-to-measure Basque linen.