Discover the fouta collection from Maison Jean-Vier. Practical and light for the beach, the fouta is also very popular in the hammam.

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The Maison Jean-Vier collection of foutas, part of the beach accessory range, is growing. Two new models pay tribute to the Cross of Toulouse, the cross symbolising Occitania gifted to the County of Toulouse. Maison Jean-Vier has adapted it to bring some colour to your summer: specifically, sunshine yellow and ocean turquoise. The complexity of the woven motif adds elegance to this item. The warp and weft brings texture to the design. Finally, the 400g/m2 cotton density ensures the highest levels of comfort! The latest models in our Uhaina collection of foutas are adorned with unique motifs, one of which is inspired by the Art Deco mosaic at the Villa Leihorra in Ciboure. Meanwhile, another represents the waves of the Atlantic. The jacquard knit allows us to create a range of motifs in any size. It opens up a world of possibilities and ensures a premium finish on all our foutas and other Basque linen.