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Discover our selection of Basque fabrics by the metre to make the textile creations of your dreams.


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Discover the Basque fabric by the metre from Maison Jean-Vier. Our decorative linen is adaptable to your desires and has many qualities that you will love.

Buy your Basque fabric by the meter

Choose your fabric, the desired length, and order. We will cut your fabric and send it as soon as possible. You will then be able to make your own decorative items according to your wishes. We will be happy to guide you in the creation of your tablecloths, unique Basque tea towels or sumptuous curtains with the right measurements.

A 100% Oeko-tex cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is very versatile, soft and fluid. It is ideal for making decorative items: curtains, cushions, tablecloths... Take a look at our wide selection of fabrics and let your imagination run wild!

You will find in this section several types of weaving in cotton or in half-linen half-cotton. We manufacture products only with natural materials in order to preserve the Basque know-how and also the quality and authenticity of our linen. Our Basque family business is very attached to the disclosure of the Basque heritage while showing a modernity.

Our water-repellent or untreated cotton fabric is Oekotex-certified, guaranteed to be free of products that are harmful to the body and to nature. Its manufacture does not consume products that are harmful to our environment.

High quality Basque fabric

Our Basque fabric is made in Portugal, but it is made in the Basque Country, that is to say designed and thought according to our culture and creativity. The choice of European manufacturing in Portugal has allowed us to offer textile treatments that protect the fabric and are not feasible in the Basque Country or in France. Indeed, these treatments allow the fabric not to shrink, not to lose colour, and to remain intact for many years. The price of our creations is just the content of the quality and durability of our products: you are assured to have a Basque linen which will not shrink in the wash. Indeed our Basque linen is washed after weaving. This important step, which is not possible in the Basque Country today, allows us to meet the latest textile standards in terms of hygiene.

An eco-responsible Basque fabric

All the manufacturing stages are carried out in the same workshop: this decision has enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint considerably. Indeed, each stage required us to make many trips to France to design each product. These journeys and the design of the prototypes were not at all ecological. We therefore decided to manufacture Basque linen that retains its character and style in a single workshop in Portugal, only 900 km from our headquarters. This European production allows us to access the latest textile technologies while preserving our environment on our own scale.