Discover the world of decorative linen from Maison Jean-Vier with the collection of Basque curtains in cotton or linen ready to be hung.

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Amongst the decorative linen products, curtains are a top-of-the-range linen par excellence, essential to decorate your interior.

High quality curtains for every room

From the living room to the bedroom, from the office to the bathroom, the curtains of Maison Jean-Vier will bring a touch of modernity and originality to your room. The made-to-measure or ready-to-install curtains are very easy to install. Stain and water repellent, the Basque curtains from Maison Jean-Vier are also very easy to clean. Decorating tip: use curtains with vertical stripes when your ceilings are low and prefer light curtains to dark ones when your room is dark. To spice up your decor, opt for Maison Jean-Vier Basque linen.

Depending on the atmosphere you wish to create in your room, choose linen or cotton curtains: linen curtains have more of a sheer appearance whereas Jacquard curtains are much thicker. These curtains are opaque and reduce the brightness of your room.

New: we also offer velvet curtains which will bring a lot of comfort and a cocooning aspect to your decoration. They are soft to the touch and have a very light filtering effect. 

Our house offers a wide range of curtains to choose the curtain that best suits your needs and your room.

Colourful Basque curtains

Jean-Vier's Basque design curtains are very high quality and reflect our textile art. Indeed, weaving is part of the cultural heritage of the Basque Country. Our company reproduces the weaving of yesteryear by adding specific and innovative treatments to create a much more durable fabric. Almost all of our fabrics are treated to prevent staining, to ensure that the colours persist over time and to avoid excessive shrinkage. All these treatments, as well as the Oeko-tex certificate, certifying that our fabrics meet hygiene and environmental standards, mean that we are now obliged to manufacture our curtains in Portugal.

Our curtains are designed in an expert Portuguese workshop, run by a woman with whom we have worked closely for over ten years. In this way, the authenticity of the weaving techniques is combined with the innovation and the taste for trend and design that we convey in each collection.

What type of curtain should I choose to avoid being seen?

Curtains are a way of preserving our privacy, especially in urban areas where there are often people watching. Velvet curtains will keep you out of sight, but you can also opt for coloured Jacquard curtains which are always thick and opaque.

In general, curtains protect you from prying eyes when they are coloured: the fabric tones act as a filter that prevents you from seeing from a certain distance. Discover our coloured curtains: blue curtain, grey curtain, green curtain, red curtain, black curtain, yellow curtain.

Do you want specific blinds or curtains such as thermal curtains, blackout curtains, curtains or with custom-made dimensions? Contact our customer service: we can realize all your wishes and together we will draw up a free estimate over the phone.

Please note that a thermal curtain is different from a blackout curtain: the thermal curtain allows you to protect yourself from the cold or the heat depending on the fabric that is facing the light. A blackout curtain only filters the light to create total darkness in your room. The best blackout curtains have an extra layer in a satin fabric: our company can offer you a custom-made blackout curtain.

A high quality curtain is very often matched with a cushion cover made of the same fabric. You can also buy the cushion cover to add volume to your cover. To complete your decoration and to create a cocooning effect, opt also for the wool and cashmere plaid, in tones in harmony with your decoration linen, or the quilt and the bed end. Finally, fabric by the metre will allow you to create your own made-to-measure linen.