Hand towel

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Among the kitchen linen, discover the whole range of hand towels of the Maison Jean-Vier with greedy and colourful patterns representing the Basque Country.

Basque hand towels

You will find, for example, the elegant hand towels: Tapas spice, Piment d'Espelette, Hortensias de Biarritz, Sardines de St Jean de Luz, etc. The hand towel is one of the essential daily kitchen accessories; woven in Jacquard dye, it is extremely absorbent and resistant.

Our production is not 100% Basque because certain stages of production are not possible in our region, such as washing, for example, to meet the latest hygiene standards. Instead, we design all our towels directly in the Basque Country, in our headquarters located in the countryside. The manufacturing is entirely located in Portugal to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding countless round trips to France. Our Portuguese workshop has all the latest technology to carry out each step on site.

Hand towels woven in Jacquard

If you want to give a decorative touch to your kitchen and if you like your linen to have beautiful graphics, then choose Jacquard woven towels. Indeed, this weaving allows to realize very beautiful and complex patterns which are reversible on the front and the back. The beauty of this weave comes from the fineness of the colours that intertwine to form beautiful woven patterns. The result is even more subtle than when the pattern is screen-printed: with Jacquard, the design is one with the fabric.

Proper care and washing of hand towels

Care tip: To care for your linens properly, always pre-wash your fabrics to prevent stains from soaking in. Wash your hand and kitchen towels regularly at 40 or 60 degrees maximum. And above all, avoid mixing synthetic fabrics with cotton fabrics: this will prevent pilling. Brighten up your home with Maison Jean-Vier Basque linen.