Discover the whole world of Basque table linen from Maison Jean-Vier, with its collection of waxed cloths and tablecloths. From now on, when it comes to tablecloths, you no longer have to choose between the practicality of the waxed cloth and the aesthetic aspect of the tablecloth.



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Discover the whole world of table linen from Maison Jean-Vier with its quality "toile cirée" collection offered by the metre.

At present, our company has decided to replace its range of waxed cloths with its range of coated tablecloths because we wish to favour coating on a real weave in comparison with waxed cloth, whose graphics are not woven but digitised then coated. The coated tablecloth is woven with coloured threads that form the stripe steps and then this woven fabric is coated.

A quality oilcloth

From now on, when it comes to tablecloths, you are no longer condemned to make a choice between the practical aspect of the oilcloth and the aesthetic aspect of the tablecloth. In fact, the coated cotton oilcloth has become a very trendy and designer table linen item. The Maison Jean-Vier oilcloth has many assets to make your life easier while keeping a strong decorative spirit. The Maison Jean-Vier Basque cloth is very easy to maintain thanks to its anti-stain, anti-shock and waterproof character but also very design and graphic thanks to its stripes and its contemporary colours.

Decoration trend:

On your oilcloth, dare to use stripes to bring joy, punch and relief to your decoration and prefer more sparkling, flashy and bright colours for your garden tables. Opt for Maison Jean-Vier's made-to-measure Basque oilcloth.

An oilcloth by the metre

The entire range of Maison Jean-Vier oilcloth is available by the metre. Choose your model of oilcloth, your colour and your dimensions and we will make your custom-made coated cotton tablecloth for you.

What size oilcloth should I choose?

In order to have an elegant fall of your oilcloth, Maison Jean-Vier recommends you to choose a cloth which will be approximately 60 cm wider than your table. Thus, the drop of the tablecloth will be 20 to 30 cm on each side of the table top. For round or oval tables, we recommend a square or rectangular oilcloth for a modern and trendy look.

How do you maintain your oilcloth?

To preserve your waxed tablecloth, it should only be washed with a damp, non-abrasive sponge. The washing machine is used very occasionally for this type of Maison Jean-Vier table linen, without softener and at 30°. Avoid using washing-up liquid to clean your oilcloth, which could then discolour. The tumble dryer is totally forbidden for waxed tablecloths and you can iron your waxed cloth inside out at a very low temperature. The creases in waxed cloths do not last and will naturally fade in most cases.