The Jean Vier Brand

Jean Vier has been creating traditional Basque interior decoration for over 30 years. Vibrantly coloured striped designs have become our trademark and continue to invigorate and enliven any kitchen, dining table and bathroom. 

The history of Basque linen is intertwined with the history and culture of the Basque region itself. Basque linen was originally woven for peasants who needed to protect their cattle from the harmful effects of the sun. They designed a type of linen jacket known as a Saïal, which covered the shoulders, back and hindquarters of their beasts.

The seven stripes integrated into each Saïal represent the seven Basque Provinces and have created a trade born of the love for both linen and the Basque region. Modern day Basque linen enjoys an unprecedented reputation: Elegantly hard wearing and of the highest quality. It defies time itself.

Today Jean-Vier brings tradition, style and innovation together creating linens which are an alliance between man and nature and represent the very spirit of Basque tradition. As specialist weavers of pure natural cotton, flax and flax-cotton mix fibres, Jean-Vier are naturally very proud to present their original, innovative and vibrant ranges of table linen, bathroom linen and home furnishings.

We have named all of our collections after either Basque villages and towns (St Jean de Luz, Espelette, Biarritz, Sara, Arnaga, Abadia, Bilbao, etc.) or traditional Basque pastimes and traditions, Txilin Txalan (a children's game), Aria le fil or Saïal (the traditional linen jacket used to protect cattle) names that evoke a sense of pride and belonging.

Created by Jean-Vier in 1999, the Basque Eco-museum in Saint Jean de Luz is a celebration of all things Basque, highlighting Basque culture, traditions, and of course hospitality. Come along and learn why that famous Basque spirit is so strong.
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