Anémone Corail


Discover the Coral coloured Anemone fouta: an ode to summer with its coral motifs in this warm and trendy colour.

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The Anemone Fouta with summer motifs

Discover the coral coloured fouta Anemone with summer patterns, ideal for a break on the beach. This fouta represents an aquatic design, a diving trip to discover the sea bed and its magnificent flora. This motif praises the beauty of our seas and oceans. The House of Jean-Vier is particularly amazed and inspired by our Ocean and its hidden treasures.

The Anemone fouta in 100% cotton

The Anemone fouta is made with 100% cotton yarns of the highest quality. Its patterns are woven in Jacquard with resistant and colourful cotton threads. The weaving is of high quality and each of our products is checked before being put on sale to guarantee textile products with perfect finishes.

The Anemone fouta, light and easy to carry

The fouta Anemone is light and easy to carry because it is made of a finer fabric than a beach towel which has very absorbent loops and is therefore heavier. This makes the fouta the best ally for on-the-fly beach sessions as it can be quickly stored in your tote bag. This beach accessory will follow you everywhere without taking up space.

- Lavage <40 degres
- Nettoyage a sec interdit
- Repassage 3 points
- Blanchiment interdit
- sèche linge autorisé


  • Reference : 9F031401/1
  • Brand : Maison Jean-Vier
  • Collection : Anémone
  • Color : Corail
  • Fiber type : Cotton
  • Type de tissage : Jacquard
  • Treatment : Lavage
  • Size : 90x160
Ce produit est recyclable. En fin de vie, pensez à le rapporter en point de collecte ou à consulter notre service client pour faire reprendre votre produit selon la politique de reprise 1 pour 1 de la loi AGEC (Anti-Gaspillage pour une Économie Circulaire).
Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur pour le textile de décoration, sur pour les meubles et coussins ou sur notre site internet, rubrique Conditions Générales pour tout savoir sur la reprise des anciens produits.

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