Household linen with a Basque character

Our Basque household linen is unique thanks to its high quality and its strong character. Our table linen, our original product, is made up of flamboyantly coloured stripes. The bold graphics define our linen. Our company offers linens with Basque stripes or Jacquard woven patterns, always with a reference to the Basque country and our culture. We therefore work on colour harmonies that reflect our vision and our environment.

Natural materials for our household linen

Our household linen is available in several materials, all natural and respectful of our environment. Our cotton table linen is chic and pleasant to the touch. Our linen and cotton linens are in line with the latest trends and offer a more authentic look.

Easy care linen

Our linens are durable and easy to care for because most of our products are treated to be water repellent. This makes it easy to give advice on care, as a thin layer prevents the fabric from absorbing stains. Many of Maison Jean-Vier's products are dryer safe and it is very rare that they cannot be washed.