Red Tablecloth

Discover the red tablecloths of the Maison Jean-Vier. A typical colour that is an integral part of our textile tradition and the colours of the Basque heritage.

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Discover the red tablecloth selection of Maison Jean-Vier. A unique offer of tablecloths in gourmet and warm colours.

Red tablecloth 

The traditional Basque tablecloth often includes the colour red in the form of solids or stripes. The Basque red colour is derived from ox blood but not only, it is also the image of a flamboyant culture, also impregnated with Spanish culture and with multiple influences. The Basque people are a people of travellers and red has accompanied them on their travels and has been reinterpreted.

Red tablecloths and their trendy shades

Indeed, Basque red is not the only red we use to design our Maison Jean-Vier tablecloths. Our artistic direction is in constant search of all the nuances that we can bring to our fabrics and which are in the taste of the day in interior decoration. 

Our red tablecloths then take root in tones drawn from nature and from medicinal plants: madder or amarrante for example. So many different red touches that hide in nature and then decorate our interiors with harmony. 

A reddish hue as a graphic research 

Our red tablecloths are also very graphic. Indeed, this colour allows to highlight patterns or stripes. Contrasting with light tones, red then shows all its splendour.

This colour combined with other tones gives an astonishing graphic result for table linens that alone dress up your dining room. Your tablecloth is then warm and full of passion to enjoy your meal in good company.