Yellow Tablecloth

Discover the selection of yellow or gold tablecloths, to decorate your summer meals or your festive Christmas meals.

The ideal yellow tablecloth for the summer

The yellow tablecloth awakens an interior by adding pep and vitality. For the summer, opt for a pretty golden yellow tablecloth like the Bilbatu Ramages tablecloth that goes well with neutral porcelain tableware to avoid overloading the table with patterns. Its jacquard weave in the Art Deco style creates a very beautiful relief and reversible fabric.

In another style, the striped tablecloth in Berrain Absynthe métis is just as elegant with a herringbone weave that gives it character. It is made of cotton and linen, which makes it soft and more bohemian than 100% cotton. 

The yellow and gold tablecloth for your festive meals.

The yellow Ainhoa Gold Tablecloth or the Ainhoa Champagne Tablecloth are ideal for a bright and sparkling party meal. Whether for New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve or any other special occasion, your tablecloth will amaze your guests. The glow of a yellow tablecloth adds gaiety to a meal. The contrasting stripes of the Ainhoa Gold tablecloth give it style and accentuate the linear design.

The bright yellow cotton tablecloth

Our yellow tablecloths are certified in Oekotex cotton, a label that rewards the quality of fabrics that are not manufactured with treatments that are harmful to the environment and the body. Our house has also woven a Jacquard cotton tablecloth in collaboration with the Mapoésie brand, in which Lime yellow is used to give it a trendy and fashionable look. This Lime tablecloth is influenced by Art Deco while being contemporary thanks to this yellow-green colour.