Linen Tablecloth

Discover our range of tablecloths in washed linen fabric, for a lighter and airier style than cotton. An obviously very contemporary look because linen tablecloths are very trendy.

Our linen tablecloth Beaurivage

The Beaurivage linen tablecloth is a range that we particularly like, adapted to the linen trend while respecting the codes of the Basque linen of yesteryear. Stripes placed in the centre of the fabric, in anthracite colour, contrast with the light and colourful tones of the linen canvas. The Beaurivage is a classic of the House of Jean-Vier, which can easily be turned into curtains with clip rings for a more decorative and relaxed atmosphere.

The qualities of a linen tablecloth

The linen tablecloth of Maison Jean-Vier is stone-whashed, i.e. it has been washed for a slightly crumpled effect. The aesthetic result is then more bohemian and the fabric is much softer. The yarn density for a linen tablecloth is much lower than for cotton, which makes it less opaque.

Linen tablecloth and half-linen tablecloth 

The Maison Jean-Vier is a manufacturer of Basque linen made with noble threads, cotton, linen or half-breeds. The "métis" is a mixture of linen and cotton in equivalent proportions. The half-breed fabric is therefore a little thicker than 100% linen. Our Berrain and Berra ranges are made of half-breeds and can be coated or uncoated.