Christmas Gift Ideas

Take advantage of our 30% off offer on a wide selection of household linen, decoration and accessories. Gift ideas that will bring happiness to your loved ones and bring joy under the tree! An unprecedented promotion on top-of-the-range household linen that you shouldn't miss.

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Discover all our gift ideas from Maison Jean-Vier in terms of decoration, household linen and accessories. Until Sunday 21 November, take advantage of a 30% discount on this wide selection of gift ideas ideal to celebrate a merry Christmas. 

Decorative gift ideas

The home is a place of well-being and rest. Giving gifts that involve the home and decoration is a real source of happiness for your loved ones. Giving a beautiful tablecloth or cushion cover will ensure that your loved ones will have a nice smile on their face. 

Decorative gift ideas with cheerful designs

Our selection of gift ideas for the home is made up of a variety of pretty and cheerful designs. Indeed, find all our creations in promotion to match your current linen and create beautiful sets. You can complete the Maison Jean-Vier products you already own or match these creations with other linens. Maison Jean-Vier's designs are very varied and always offer a soothing and bright atmosphere. Choose from palm fronds, waves, antlers or the stripes that are so dear to our brand of Basque household linen.

Top of the range household linen

Maison Jean-Vier household linen and accessories are of very high quality. They are woven according to traditional methods and have numerous treatments that make them durable and resistant to wear. Our Jean-Vier household linen is inspired by the Basque Country but it is also very trendy: we want to offer a linen that is both authentic and very contemporary. The colours of our linen follow the trends and desires of our customers.

Easy care linen

Our Basque household linen is very easy to care for: it is therefore an ideal Christmas gift! Indeed, far from the prejudices of the difficult to maintain household linen, especially concerning the tablecloths, our linen can be cleaned in machine most of the time! It is also a linen that has anti-stain treatments that prevent liquids from soaking into the fibre of the fabric. A long-lasting Christmas gift that can be adapted to everyday life!