Rectangular tablecloth

Discover the rectangular tablecloths of all sizes manufactured by Maison Jean-Vier: our brand has a real passion for table linen that adapts to your needs.

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Discover the rectangular tablecloths from Maison Jean-Vier: an authentic tablecloth with stripes or woven patterns in a variety of colours.

A high quality rectangular tablecloth

The rectangular tablecloth is a classic in decoration and tableware. Indeed, we mainly manufacture this size and shape to meet the majority of expectations. Basque linen is traditionally made for rectangular and often very large wooden country tables.

Large rectangular tablecloths

The Basque Country has a long tradition of family meals. Large tables are not uncommon and are very much in fashion in all spacious interiors. In fact, a beautiful table made of raw wood decorates a living room and gives it a lot of character. We therefore produce tablecloths that can be used to dress up these tables according to your wishes and during festive moments or on a daily basis.