Blue curtain

Discover our selection of high quality blue curtains. Our blue Basque curtains are very elegant and chic to enhance your decor.

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Discover the selection of blue curtains by Maison Jean-Vier. A classic and very elegant colour that we decline in the form of patterns or Basque stripes.

Quality blue curtains

Our curtains are of the highest quality. Their hems are finished with subtlety and meticulousness. We can also make custom-made curtains for you: just choose your fabric in the "fabric by the metre" category and contact us for a quote. This service is carried out by experts. 

Our production is 100% European. It is the work of a specialised know-how carried out in our supplier workshop in Portugal.

Our blue curtains are treated so that their beautiful colour lasts over time. It remains intact despite the years if the maintenance is adapted: see the maintenance methods.

A blue curtain that fits every room

The design of our curtains is very versatile and fits both a living room or a bedroom. It can also bring cheerfulness and a touch of pattern to a less furnished room. The Maison Jean-Vier blue curtain brings an oceanic atmosphere to your home. Our inspirations come from our Basque landscapes and invite themselves into your homes.