Red curtain

Discover our "red curtain" selection: all our products in this beautiful and authentic colour that we love. Your curtain will bring character to your interior.

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The Basque red curtain

The Basque red curtain is an essential of typical houses but it is also a decorative touch in an interior, flat or house. It will add colour and spice to your decor while being elegant and very graphic with its stripes. The stripe steps are based on the art of Basque weaving, an exceptional know-how that gives life to authentic textile creations.

The high quality red curtain

The Maison Jean-Vier red curtain is of very high quality. It combines the characteristics of a top quality decorative linen. The quality controls ensure the highest quality and the treatments prevent fading, shrinkage and the curtains are in their original state for a long time.

Easy care red curtains

Our red curtains are treated to be water repellent and are therefore resistant to various stains. It is best to dry clean your curtain. You can iron your curtains on the reverse side to activate the stain resistance.