Duck blue curtains

Discover our selection of duck blue curtains, a trendy and timeless colour to bring depth to your room and a cocooning spirit.

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A duck blue cotton curtain

Our duck blue curtain will bring a cosy atmosphere to your room while being very elegant. It is a colour that never goes out of fashion and remains timeless. It is very popular in a living room or bedroom. This shade of blue adds comfort and depth. The natural material of our curtains, very often cotton, highlights the colour of the dyed fibre before weaving. The threads are then woven with the greatest care to obtain Basque stripes or beautiful Jacquard patterns.

Easy care duck blue curtains

The blue colour of the fabric, more or less dark, can make maintenance easier than with a white curtain. Our curtains have a specific treatment that allows the fabric to be stain resistant. This water-repellent treatment means that your duck blue curtain will not absorb the stain deep into the textile fibre. It will remain on the surface and can be removed with dry cleaning only.