Jacquard curtain

Discover all our curtains in Jacquard weaving: the patterns are woven and not printed for more relief and a very nice quality of decoration linen.

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Discover our selection of Jacquard curtains by Maison Jean-Vier. We offer intricate patterns for high quality curtains.

Curtains with woven patterns 

The patterns of our curtains are woven and not printed. This means that the quality of the fabric is very high end and decidedly decorative to dress your windows with elegance.

Colourful Jacquard curtains

At Maison Jean-Vier, Jacquard curtains are colourful and harmonious. We do diligent research on colours and shades of tones to offer our customers original colours that are very much influenced by Basque culture. The Jacquard patterns are then highlighted.

Jacquard curtains made in Europe

Our Jacquard curtains are all made in Europe with top of the range looms. The know-how behind this fabric requires exceptional attention to detail and we carry out numerous quality controls before our curtains are put on sale. This ensures that the quality of your curtains will last for many, many years.