Services aux professionnels

Since its creation in 1981, the Maison Jean-Vier has been creating durable, better thought-out and better-produced household linen, furniture and textile accessories made almost exclusively in Europe. Committed to responsible design, our team is at the service of interior design, working alongside hotels, restaurants, and architectural agencies.

Our professional service of tailor-made creations is declined in three distinct offers:

1. The personalisation of existing products in our collections.

2. The creation of "image products", i.e. linen created entirely to measure for our clients according to their requirements.

These creations can be made from different textiles from our collections.

3. Advice on interior decoration and the creation of all or part of your space: textile decoration, furniture, tiles, choice of decorative objects.

Do you need advice or support for your professional space decoration projects? Our team, dedicated to professionals, provides daily support to specifiers and passionate contractors in their furnishing projects. Each project is unique, and we follow it as such. Our expertise as textile editors and decorators adapts to your constraints and desires.

The approach of our various tailor-made creation offers

Our company offers three types of creation on demand, made according to your criteria, each with its own procedure:

1. The personalisation of an existing product:

In this case, our House adapts a product from our current or timeless collection. This can be personalised tea towels, table linen, decorative linen such as cushion covers, and also accessories and luggage such as shopping bags.

We can then add options to this linen, a particular illustration or your logo. Our workshop will respond to your request according to your desires and your identity. Here is how the personalisation process works:

- You choose together the product to be personalised.

- You choose the option: the size, the hem, the type of fabric, the colour etc.

- You choose the technique to be used: embroidery, a specific garment, etc.

The quote is then established according to the number of stitches for an embroidery, according to the time spent for a personalised garment. Our creative and commercial team will then submit a model to you to visualise the project.

2. A tailor-made textile creation:

Our company also makes made-to-measure products that do not appear in our catalogue. This can be a different type of product: for example a suit cover or an xxl cushion. It can also be a creation with a fabric outside our editions, simply belonging to our fabric library and made by our suppliers.

Our creative team takes care of the entire project, i.e. we make the mock-up and the graphics, and also the final development of the product. The process takes into account each of your wishes and we provide tailor-made advice adapted to your expectations.

Here is how the customisation process works: 

- You choose the product to be created: household linen, bags, accessories, beach towels, pockets, but also furniture.

- You choose the type of fabric and materials: cotton, polycotton, deep-dyed cotton, PVC coating, types of wood, tiles, etc. Our decorators will help and advise you in your choice.

- You choose the production option and the technique adapted to the needs of the project: Jacquard weaving, digital printing, by the piece or by the roll.

- You choose the quantities and minimums required.

- Finally, you choose the graphic design and the desired features.

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3. Decoration advice for professionals :

If you work in the hotel, restaurant, retail or event industry or if you are an architectural agency or an independent professional, our Professional Decoration Consultancy Service may be of interest to you. This service is aimed at professionals who would like our firm to participate partially or fully in the interior decoration of their space.

Our service for professionals takes charge of your project according to the terms and limits that suit you. Our expertise extends from the choice of furniture, textiles, decorative objects and tiles to 3D modelling.

For example, we designed the interior decoration of the 4-star Madison Saint-Jean-De-Luz hotel. Headboards, curtains, decorative linen and boat blinds were made. Then the tapestry, tiles and decorative objects were chosen by us. Finally, we created custom-made furniture including bedside tables for the bedrooms and suites created in the shape of Chistera.

Our House always designs custom-made decoration projects respecting the identity of the client and offering an authentic, quality result adapted to current trends.