timelessly comfortable three-seater sofa in beige
Top-of-the-range beige 3-seater sofa in sophisticated fabric
Sophisticated and elegant top-of-the-range beige sofa
Beige sofa in high-quality fabric with a sophisticated, elegant design

Sofa Ecru
Ibai Itsaso Beige


Two or three seater ecru sofa called Ibai: perfect for relaxing in the comfort of your living room.

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Ibai Beige Polyester Sofa: Comfort and Sophistication

The Ibai sofa in high-quality polyester fabric extends an irresistible invitation to settle comfortably in your living room. Its sophisticated beige color and meticulous design make it an ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Easy Maintenance for Exceptional Durability

Thanks to its premium polyester fabric, this Ibai sofa is not only soft to the touch but also easy to maintain. Its warm and neutral beige color harmoniously fits various color palettes, while its durability ensures a long lifespan.

Depth and Lounge Style for Ultimate Relaxation

The Ibai sofa offers generous depth that encourages you to relax in complete serenity. Its wide and trendy armrests add a pleasant lounge vibe, allowing you to create a comfortable and modern relaxation space in your living room.

Choose the beige polyester Ibai sofa to blend comfort, style, and practicality in your interior. Transform your living room into a welcoming and sophisticated space where you can unwind and recharge in tranquility.


  • Reference : ME100456/4
  • Collection : Ibai
  • Color : Itsaso Beige
  • Main color : Ecru
  • Fiber type : Polyester
  • Size : 180x103x87
Ce produit est recyclable. En fin de vie, pensez à le rapporter en point de collecte ou à consulter notre service client pour faire reprendre votre produit selon la politique de reprise 1 pour 1 de la loi AGEC (Anti-Gaspillage pour une Économie Circulaire).
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